MyMentorAdvisor helps mentors and clients match and connect on their own terms.

MyMentorAdvisor helps two kinds of people: those who have knowledge and experience to share and those who want advice or mentorship from someone who has “been there, done that.” A relationship may be formal or casual, paid or gratis, in person or virtual.


  1. Match

    Register your expertise profile or search for a mentor by category.

  2. Meet

    Connect to find the right “fit” for your mentor relationship.

  3. Share

    Communicate and exchange knowledge on your own terms.


People Helping People

MyMentorAdvisor is creating a leads-based network where mentors and clients want to help each other achieve personal and professional goals.

For a mentor, that may mean sharing a passion, keeping a skill sharp, redefining “retirement,” networking, testing new professional waters, or reaching out to a younger generation.

For a client, it means having the right expert available for efficient, one-on-one consultation.

When you share your expertise, it’s a Win-Win.

Our win-win community model is designed to promote a meaningful sharing of knowledge and wisdom across many work and lifestyle categories including (but certainly not limited to) the following examples:

  • Agriculture

  • Arts

  • Business

  • Construction

  • Education

  • Entertainment

  • Everyday Skills

  • Family Relationships

  • Government

  • HealthCare

  • Professional

  • Recreation

  • Sports

  • Technical

  • Travel



Stay Sharp. Stay in the Game. Share Your Knowledge!

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