, LLC is a mentorship and consulting exchange community which allows clients to match, connect, and share with experienced people. Our focus is on creating a network where the value of “people helping people” brings positive, win-win experiences to both clients and mentor advisors. We are a new community and also a new movement. Together, our company and members represent a shift toward a more complete and useful skills ecosystem.

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A message from our founder:

John YoungAfter retiring from a successful, 24-year career in sales management, I knew I wanted to keep working – but in a new and engaging direction. The idea of doing “something else,” especially in the field of higher education, excited me and sounded like a great fit for my skills.

I spent the next year sending résumés to address open positions related to career services, recruiting, and teaching. I got only one interview, with a group of bright, energetic professionals, mostly 25 to 35 years old. I did not get the job. Instead, they hired another bright and energetic 25- to 35-year-old professional. I knew I had a lot to offer based on my life and career experiences.

So I started thinking about the big picture. Many of my successful “Baby Boomer” friends and neighbors have experienced the same thing across every industry. We’re sitting on a wealth of knowledge and deep experience, with time to share it but without enough quality opportunities to do so. I thought, “What a waste!” After several weeks of thought, discussion, and prayer, the idea for came to me. I knew that if people who want a resource for expertise and experience could easily find and connect with people who have already “been there, done that,” it would be a win-win for everyone. My family joined me in the project and, after a lot of research that confirmed the need on both sides, we knew we had something uniquely useful to offer people.

I’ve always believed that “people helping people” is where meaningful work begins. We hope you’ll join us!


John Young
Founder – President
MyMentorAdvisor, LLC

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